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If you are looking for long lasting cable accessories, then Jay Ashapura Brass Components is the answer to all your queries, as we are one of the leading manufacturers of cable accessories.
Cable accessories play a significant role in a distribution systems and that means use of low quality cable accessories can have adverse impact on the performance as a whole. This is the reason why we need to use quality cable accessories to ensure better performance and stability of the whole network. The importance of reliable jointing systems has shot up significantly in the past few years but not many cable accessories manufacturers are there who are offering quality parts at affordable rates. But Jay Ashapura Brass Components is not among them.
It is quite important to improve the reliability of the distribution system underground and this is where Jay Ashapura Brass Components comes to your rescue with their advanced and modernized cable accessories made of strong and sturdy materials that can withstand the tests of time. The world of cable accessories comprise of the accessories such as Heat Shrinkable Cable Jointing System, Heat Shrink Accessories and Heat Shrinkable Cable Accessories and Heat shrink Power cable Accessories.
The various other parts forming the important cable accessories are Cable Repair Sleeve, Cable Breakout Boots, Medium Wall Tubing, Heat Shrinkable Anti Tracking Tubing, End Caps, Medium voltage Insulation Tape and Breakout Boots/Shapes. Jay Ashapura Brass Components, since inception in 1971 has consistently specialized in producing customized brass, copper and aluminum accessories of varied shapes and sizes. They primarily deal in products made of brass, copper, carbide, aluminum, lead, Delin, Teflon, rubber, gun metal and fiber glass.
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