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Jay Ashapura Brass Components is a leading manufacturer of durable electronic parts. The electronic devices are something that we cannot live without. Our life literally revolves around these electronic devices and there are numerous accessories playing crucial role in the making of these electronic devices. Some of the popular types of electronic devices are DVD players, computers, TVs and music systems.
These electronic devices are dependent on numerous accessories to give their performance a boost and to add to their longevity. These accessories are adapter, fuse, power cord, audio/video cable, power slide switch, ballast, galvanized wire, power slide switch, heat sink, printed circuit board, pulse transformer, button cell battery, cable & accessories, inductor, ceramic capacitor, inverter, isolator, and quartz material. Some of the other electronic parts are chip, LCD panel, LED backlight, Loght Emitting Diode, Remote Control Device, Semiconductor, Speaker Jack, Microwave Filter, PVC Coated Wire And Cable, Flash Modules, Power Adapter, Wireless Module and Zinc Oxide Varistor.
One of the most popular manufacturers of electronic parts is Jay Ashapura Brass Components that specializes in production of electronic parts according to the needs of the customers. It was established in Jamnagar. Our engineers specialize in producing accessories and components for machineries, electrical equipments and electronic gadgets. Our products are mostly made of brass, carbide, lead, aluminum and copper metals.
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